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Originally Posted by texasred View Post
Playing on Lucy, and Cash's favorite field.
It looks like a Great place for a V to run and play... I can see why it was a favorite... it will most likely be one of Rangers favorites too!
How is he doing with his anxiety... I had a thought earlier about separation anxiety and I wondered if it has anything to do with food... ?? My dogs have always
been fed at the same time every day, 6-6;30 am and 3;30-4 pm like clock work, and they will either wake me, or come get me to let me know it is that time of day.
I have never had a dog with SA. Now that said... if for some reason I am late getting home say I don't make it till 6pm... Guaranteed Pearl will get into mischief...
pull stuff off the counters, get into the trash, etc. and she will scold me severely, letting me know she is NOT happy.
Just suppose a pup from early on never knows when it is going to get fed ( it may be fed each day) but a varying times, so it may go hours each day in
a state of hunger. Never knowing when the meal will be produced.
It just made me think that this could be enough for a pup to develop a fear that it does not know when it will be fed again, and project that fear on to the
absence of the master.

Just thinking

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