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Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

We've had Toby for almost 3 weeks now, he's almost 10 weeks, and has settled really well. He sleeps through, rarely has accidents during the day and is sitting and staying on command. We all love him to bits but I'm really struggling with the whole lifestyle change (I'm calling it post puppy depression!). I've been in tears most days with the whole strain of looking after him. My husband works long hours, I've got two young boys and 90% of the responsibility is falling to me.

I feel like I'm constantly in tatty clothes, sat on the kitchen floor and getting no housework done! A few times recently I've said he has to go, but in reality I'd be devastated.

I'm hoping that once he's had his last jab and we can get out and about it'll open up a whole new world.

Has anyone else felt so overwhelmed like this? Does it get better as they get older?!??
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

Yes overwhelmed
Yes Easier once they get out and get tired and also as they get older and get to understand what you want

You remember what it's like to have new babies ? That.

Plus they are high energy dogs who love to be with us .

If you read enough in vizsla forums you ll find its normal normal normal.

Helps if you have someone to share it with though but if you can get through this and you keep up the training and exercise then they turn into marvellous dogs with not a bad bone in their bodies and Ada bonus mine makes me laugh several times a day.

Once the pup gets older get your husband taking it out and Turing it out and consider a dog walker or better still soe form of daycare to help you have a break/tire it out.
I ve never done that as my kids are with me mostly and in 20s so can help out but I ve always had the possibility in mind if it got too much for me .
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

It gets easier!

"Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love
can make him wag his tail." -- Kinky Friedman
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Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

As Lyndam said, for sure it'll get easier as the pup grows! Our boy hunter is now 6.5 month, still a handful but a lot easier compare to the time we brought him home. The great thing about pups are they grow much faster than kids, so in no time will be a grown and amazing dog.
Keep up the good work, the first months are not easy, but now that we look back, they are all amazing memories! Just enjoy your new lifestyle and make the most out of it.
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

It gets easier! I was in tears a few times, seems mad now as he's so amazing and the time has flown by. If in doubt, try to stay calm, the pup absorbs whatever you give out and you get it back tenfold whether it be love and training or stress and frustration. Good luck!

“If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face, you should go home and examine your conscience.” ― Woodrow Wilson
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

Yes it does get easier! Most of the training, feeding and exercise fell on me as well. Only I had a job, a puppy, a house and yard to keep up and on top of that- My husband and I were in a serious car accident when we went to see Dharma at three weeks old. So I was juggling physiotherapy twice a week as well. I made myself sick and very tired and promised I would not let myself get this way again. Dharma is almost 8 months old and is the most wonderful thing I could have done! she is therapy for me and an amazing companion for us. She is very good at keeping us active and we have lost some weight.

Live, Love, Laugh.... Dharma you have helped me to do just that. Born on May 24, 2013
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

It does get easier but if you are already second guessing your decision this early on, that is a serious warning signal. Vizsla's are a high energy, high maintenance breed. Even as adult dogs they follow you everywhere, they snuggle with you, they crave attention and they need lots of play & running time. They do best with a 100% committed and experienced dog owner.

I would have a calm & serious discussion with your spouse while the dog is still a pup and hasn't bonded with the family too much yet and decide if a Vizsla is right for you.

If so, that's great! If not, you should get with the breeder immediately so he can be quickly re-homed. If the breeder won't take him, please find a Vizsla rescue. And I'm sure they will find him a loving home.

I'm sorry you are having these issues but please do what is best for the dog - be it with your family or another one. You could always rescue a different breed - a calm, 2 or 3 year old dog instead if your family is truly committed to dog ownership. They need love too!
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

It does get easier! I agree it is more difficult on your own.. the week after we got H my husband went skiing for 2w (despite my protests) and so I was left alone with him when he was at his most difficult! I remember having to change into old, tatty clothes before going to see him in the morning, and wear long sleeves so the puppy bites didn't hurt too much. Having a nipping puppy hanging onto your trouser leg was definitely demoralising.

If you have a friend with a vaccinated, healthy, friendly dog, invite them over to meet the pup. My good friend came over most days to help with H and she was an invaluable source of support. Plus got H used to meeting dogs and it tired him out.

You are right, when he can get out and about it gets a lot easier. If you can book into puppy training/socialisation these classes are great fun and you will meet other puppy owners going through the same thing as you!
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

yes, promise. Lua (now 7 months) is my first vizsla and the first puppy i've raised on my own without a family of 5 to share the work. and work, indeed, it is. I think it's a vizsla-owner right of passage to seriously question your sanity at least once during early puppyhood.
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Please tell me it gets easier!!!!

It definitely gets better, but it's a roller coaster for the first little while. The puppy will test you and go through stages of rebellion as he gets older but eventually when things "click" it will be very rewarding to see all the hard work pay off in the form of a great companion. As others have said, most of us question our sanity when we were in the puppy stages!

My boy is 14 months now and while there's still some things that we are working on (getting his recall better and his manners with house guests) but he is MUCH easier to handle than he was when he was a little pup. So as long as you're 100% committed to putting in the time and work, it will get easier for sure. But patience is a virtue that the Vizslas teach best
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