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Re: Vizsla - Big or Small?

A 35 Lb. girl is a true peanut! And a 50 male is on the smaller side, too. But it depends on what's behind them, parents have the most impact on offspring, but what's behind that contributes too, so take a look at grandparents, and figure a pinch of them in there too.

Vizslas are the smallest Continental pointers, so if they're in standard there should only be about a 2 inch difference in height btwn "Big" ones and "Small" ones. Aside from taking other things into consideration when choosing a breeder (like health and general temperament of both parents), if you're looking for a "Small" or "Smaller" V, what might be more important to you is how much bone they have: Regardless of actual height or overall size, the amount of bone..the actual thickness...can give the impression of a "Big" or "Small"...much more than those 2 inches in height... as well as the length of the neck: Longer necks make a dog look much "Bigger". So, in your case, you might request a dog with "less bone" and a shorter neck.

In general, there's little to no correlation btwn size and health, those are determined by genetics and environment. You control the latter, but the breeder's choice controls the former, which is why its important to choose carefully.
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