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Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

I have done a lot of research on MANY breeds. Trying to decide on a new family member. I am a stay at home mom of three boys. We are quite active and would love a running partner. Everything I have read about the Vizsla seems perfect for our family, but I do have some concerns:

Barking...I expect some but is this a "yappy" dog?

Chewing .... I have read they like to chew A LOT? How long is this crazy chewing phase? and how bad is it really? I have read horror stories of chewed up couches and dining room sets! How does it compare to other breeds? Is this a rare occurrence?

Thank you so much!
I have an opportunity to get a Vizsla puppy a lot sooner then I expected. I don't want to be rushed in! I want to know I'm making the right decision.
Thanks :-)

one more .... invisible fences?
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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

Hey Lyndsey,

Vizsla's are great family dogs, especially if your boys are a little older.

Like any dog if they are bored they will bark and they will chew. Our dog as never chewed any of our belongings as we always had toys for her to chew and play with, plus she is to busy chewing my other dogs ears ;D

They need alot of exercise and playtime (remember no running on leash for long periods until they are at least 1 year old)

They are extremely affectionate and loyal dogs who will always want to be with you.

I cant comment on invisible fences, as i do not have a need for them, but imo anything with electric shocks involved is cruel (imo!!)

If your an active family who would like a new family member i couldnt recommend a better dog... they are awesome
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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

IMHO electric stimulation collars are not cruel. They are a useful training aid, in most cases. We bought a collar that had ultrasonic, vibration and electric stimulation for Dexter when he was younger. None of the methods or any combination of them worked for him. I actually had to test the collar myself because I didn't think it was working. It worked fine but Dex didn't care. He went where he pleased. We finally put up a fence, a wooden one.

Never had a problem with either of our dogs chewing things up except that scarlet like to chew up paper towels, tissues and magazines.

We love our two Vs but don't think they are good for first time dog owners. They need someone experienced to handle them. If this is your first dog be careful.

Having two Vizslas means having two heartbeats in your lap!

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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

Hi Lyndsey,

I'm a first-time V owner although we always had a dog when i was growing up,

For a while we had a problem with our V, Merc, barking when bored in the yard but it was fairly easily solved with a combination of activity toys and more training. He is much easier to live with when his brain is kept busy - that seems to be more important than physically tiring him out.

And because he had plenty of his own things to chew he never destroyed any of our things (unlike the cat). While he was little we kept anything important and tempting out of reach - i think it really is the owner's fault if the puppy plays with your phone or your favourite shoes...

As for invisible fences, I know a couple of people who have used then sucessfully and we thought we might need to get one to reinforce one of our fences that is very low. We never needed it so I can't speak from experience. However whilst looking for other information I came across this article which has changed my opinion on them a little and I would think very carefully about my options and how to train the dog before getting one.

Just to let you know, I am a positive reinforcement person (Merc is clicker trained) and am not very keen on "positive punishment" methods so perhaps was easily swayed by this article.

That's not to say they don't work, they do, but I think you neeed to be careful.
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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

Thank you all for your responses!

Originally Posted by Big

We love our two Vs but don't think they are good for first time dog owners. They need someone experienced to handle them. If this is your first dog be careful.
What are your reasons? I grew up with dogs and around our families dogs often, but this will be our first dog. Just curious :-)

In regards to the invisible fence...
It would be near impossible to have a true fence in our neighborhood/yard. We could fence off the back, but doesn't leave too much room. We have a large front yard and wooded area that would be perfect for digging . . . I'v never dealt with an invisible fence, my family dog just stayed in the yard. It was never a problem. Our house does sit up and away from the road, but would like some extra insurance he wouldn't tear off into the street or next door to visit the black labs. (who are an their invisible fence). Is it unreasonable to train the dog to just stay in the yard? My dog experience is with very lazy dogs (ex English Bulldog. there was no worries she would go anywhere! lol) Of course, I would never leave the dog outside alone, but I'm sure there will be times I let the dog out in the morning while I make the kids lunches for school etc.

We plan on bringing our puppy to puppy school and continue with obedience training until we feel comfortable that we have good control.

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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?


I'll answer your questions one at a time.

Vizsla's are not yappers. Once they are mature they seldom bark,and when they do, you need to find out the reason.

Chewing. They will chew until the day the pass away. Provide them lots of chew toys that they know are theirs, and you shouldn't have any problems.

Invisible fencing. They will learn and respect the fence very quickly. But you must be absolutely fair and correct when introducing them to the fence. Watch the video many times and do it the right way and you'll have no issues. I personally wouldn't use an invisible fence on a dog much less than a year old. Up until that point they're on a leash, or a checkcord anyway and under direct supervision.
As for the cruelty issue; that's a personal decision. I have held every one of my dogs collars through the years in the palm of my hand, and taken the hit. They are uncomfortable to hold, but once you know what is going to happen you can continue to take the hit. I did this to test the safety function of the collar. I even tested a bark collar.
I can tell you from experience that I've seen the girls get tagged by the horse fencing in the pastures. The fence is 4500 vdc at .2 joules. They didn't seem to traumatized by it, they just learned to keep their butt down lower when going under the lowest braid. They still go back and forth between pastures under the horse fencing.

You'll never beat a lesson into a dog, you just beat desire out.
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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

Thanks :-) I feel better about the chewing, guaranteed a few kid toys will be lost along the way :-P I'm sure getting the kids to pick up will be a lot easier after Darth Vader loses a limb!

Now I'm concerned about digging!lol We have plenty of places for a dog to go to town ... just not on the lawn!
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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

If found taking Charlie to the beach he tends to dig a lot, but he hasn't (fingers crossed) started digging the grass up on the lawn.
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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

hi lynsey

im first time vizsla owner but also first time dog owner! my girl is 11 months now and is shaping into a great family dog. as long as u prepare yourself and arm yourself with as much knowledge as u can you'll be fine! ive found this forum especially GUNNR a great source of info lol! bailey has done it all - barked, chewed, digged run off, and jumped up on everyone BUT slowly but surely we are getting there. i have dealt with each doggy issue as it has came up and nothing has been to traumatic or destructive. i can honestly say she is an amazing dog and i couldnt imagine ever owning another breed now. good luck wth ur new puppy!

fiona xx
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Re: Considering a Vizsla .... chewing?

The chewing/destructiveness is an issue for us. Rosie is now a year old, and it's probably as big of a problem as it is because we haven't spent enough time working with her on training/behavior management. She does like to chew and "dig" wood furniture, floors, upholstery. These items are already worn and this may have enabled us to be lazy/inconsistent about curbing her behavior. She has plenty of her own chew toys, and we do try to redirect her. But if we had started young enough with discouragements (like bitter apple spray), it probably wouldn't have progressed as far. If you get a vizsla, I would at least try to use bitter apple spray on any really precious items of furniture to discourage mouthing those areas right from the start. Others might have other suggestions for training them to respect your belongings. The other big struggle we have is stealing. She loves to take our things (shoes, bras, glasses, cell phones, anything she can reach), it's a game to her. She's adorable, so she gets away with far too much in our household.
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