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Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

My husband and I are trying to decide whether or not we will let our V, Pippa, on the furniture. I feel one way and my husband feels the other Would love thoughts from other Vizsla owners about this topic...Thanks!

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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

Well which ever of you is against it, does not want advice from us.
Mischa sleeps in our bed.
And right now she's sleeping on my leg on the couch.
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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

While I think either is fine, I personally don't allow my 7 month old on the couch. He's not allowed to jump on my bed but I'll put him on the bed sometimes. He seems to handle this fine and has never tried to jump on the bed himself. Some reasons I like this is that: I can cuddle with him if I want to, but I don't have to accommodate him or worry about him guarding a space. Additionally, if someone else watches him I don't have to worry about him on their furniture.
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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

The most important thing, IMO, is to come to a resolution & be on the same page!! Allowing animals on furniture is a personal decision; however, it is imperative that rules are set & enforced the same way by each family member. The hard part will be deciding which human gets their way ;D. You can not have one person allow, even occasionally, while the other person reprimands/punishes. We do not allow our dogs on the furniture for a variety of reasons. Just remember, once you start, there is no turning back
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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

Scout is allowed on our couches. I like cuddling with him. My husband was anti dog on couch, until we actually brought Scout home and now he's completely on board :P. We've trained him to sit in a spot that has a cover on it, so he doesn't stink up the whole couch (nit that he really stinks, but non dog owners can always smell dog), and doesn't get hair everywhere. If we have people over we just take the cover off.

The bed is a different story, He is allowed up if invited onto any of our beds. But he is not allowed on the bed if anyone is actually sleeping on the bed he wants to get on. He has a bed beside ours thqt he can hang out on, and he's not allowed in the kids rooms when they are asleep.
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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

If your kids can sit on the couch then your Vizsla should also. After all, it's there house too.

I first started insisting the dogs not get on the couches and chairs, but after about 6 months, I went, "What the heck."

We got coach covers that can be cleaned. The Jeep has covers. They only get on the bed when invited otherwise they sleep in their crates in the bedroom. They like their crates as long as they are close to us.

Keep their nails trimmed close so they don't rip the fabrics. Leather just doesn't work for us.

Rod a.k.a redbirddog

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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

Some trainers insist that any elevated position is reserved for higher ranking members of the pack.
I think that is rubbish.
Only reason I don't allow Sam on the leather sofa is because I value my furniture and Sam would love to chew on it.

If you want the best seat in the house ... move the dog
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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

Willie is allowed to go anywhere he wants in the house. He has never hurt anything, and is always respectful of my belongings. He knows what belongs to him (toys, his dishes and blankets) and what belongs to me (everything else). He is a mature adult dog, however, and if he was still going through his puppy stages, I'm sure I would be doing more "policing".

He gets up on the furniture, but I do have his blankets strategically placed. They wash and dry nicely. He is such a good boy, I wouldn't dream of restricting him in any way, except if it was for safety reasons. (For example, I do enforce a rest period after he eats, to avoid bloat.)

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can make him wag his tail." -- Kinky Friedman
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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

We went back and forth on this. We decided to let Ruby on the couch but she is only allowed on one spot of our sectional. We have a blanket there for her and protects my new couch. She is pretty good about going there. She has jumped up to other spots when a visitor is there but we tell her to go to her spot.

Sometimes I will be laying with her on the couch and I move around too much, she will give me a look and then go lay on her dog bed. How dare I interrupt her

Ruby - born 12/24/10....our Christmas Eve baby!
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Re: Vizslas on the Furniture - Yes or No?

This is a personal choice, as everyone has said, but my strong suggestion is decide what is allowable and be consistant and strict...I wish I had headed this advice! We allowed Mac on the couch as a pup, but as he's gotten bigger it's not so comfortable and we don't have a specific chair for him (however, in the summer he prefers the floor). Problem w/ this is he got the idea he was allowed on all furniture in and outside the home..which you don't want when visiting friends/family. So we have been working on not letting him on furniture for the last few months and it seems to have almost been cured. But be consistant..any exceptions and these guys will take full advantage...they don't understand grey (at least Mac doesn't)..needsot be black or white.

In regards to the bed...Mac was crated until 5.5months, then we started letting him sleep w/ us. It was fine for a while...but he's pretty big boy at 8 months and it just doesn't work in a queen size bed...and w/ him always wanting to sleep by our heads and stretching out and kicking us in the face, back, etc w/ his legs. So now we are working on him staying on his dog bed at the foot of the bed. Only started about a week ago (he;s no longer allowed on the bed at all) but he's improving a little every night. Hopefully at some point in the distant future he'll understand he can come up only when invited (for some cuddling on weekend mornings).

Best of luck w/ whatever you decide.
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